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Cultist Enemy animated charecter for a sidescroll/platformer games.

Cultist (45x42 pixel)

  • Idle : 6 frames
  • Attack :10  frames
  • Walk : 8 frames
  • Death : 12 frames
  • Hit : 3 frames
  • Jump - UptoFall - Fall : 3 - 2 - 3 frames
  • Fire Ball : 4 frames
  • Fire Ball Impact : 5 frames

Twisted Cultist (45x42 pixel)

  • Idle : 6 frames
  • Attack :7  frames
  • Walk : 8 frames
  • Death : 12 frames
  • Hit : 3 frames
  • Jump - UptoFall - Fall : 3 - 2 - 3 frames
  • Twist : 12 frames

Big Cultist (108x59 pixel)

  • Idle : 6 frames
  • 2  Combo Attack : 20  frames
  • Run : 8 frames
  • Death : 12 frames
  • Hit : 3 frames
  • Jump - UptoFall - Fall : 3 - 2 - 3 frame

Assassin Cultist (106x76 pixel)

  • Idle : 8 frames
  • Attack :13  frames
  • Ambush :13  frames
  • Run and Blink  Run: 8 frames
  • Death : 16 frames
  • Hit : 3 frames
  • Jump - UptoFall - Fall : 3 - 2 - 3 frames
  • Vanish : 4 frames
  • Arise : 8 frames

You can use this asset for personal and commercial purpose,
you can modify this object to your needs.
Credit is not required but would be appreciated

You can NOT redistribute or resell it.

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(5 total ratings)
Tags2D, cultist, enemy, Fantasy, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Sprites


Buy Now$7.50 USD or more

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the big cultist is too small.... 

Haha I love how the zip is exactly 666 kB. Those cultists are up to something. Awesome asset pack, I have had a little fun combining your mobs :)

it is pure chance!

it's cool to see these characters come alive and take sword strike on his face :)

A great asset. Just buy it.

would love to see a caster and an archer. You are awesome friend. Thanks for all you do!

thank you , yes have project to do a caster, at the moment is only in my mind :)

I wasn't going to buy this particular pack today because I don't need it yet, but when I saw the download is 666kB I couldn't resist!

haha ! i didn't see that ! in any case thank you!

Release some more stuff man! Accumulating some disposable income to buy it. Huge fan.

it is sure i will add more stuff ,not for now but it will come.


I love the animations, but was this intentional? This is the way they were packed.


!? no it is not intentional . thanks for the info i'll fix it right now.


I hope you'll be making more enemies in this style. Would love to see more and buy them if available!


of course it's planned, I will add more !( when i have time ).

hola! tienes pensado hacer más sprites de este estilo? gracias y saludos

Hola ! Si claro

These designs and animations are so good. I have no use for these sprites at the moment but I'm buying them on principle. ;)

ho ! thank you a lot  .

I quite especially liked the art of Assassin Cultist, that's why I bought it.  If it wasn't too much to ask, could you add some extra animations to the female character? xd

Thank a lot ! The female character of this pack or warrior femal ? In all cases i add animations for both.

excellent, by the way you do animations for commission?

of course. just send an email to talk about it.


hello, im using this character to prototype a game. https://sventhole.itch.io/hero-knight 

Do you think it suits your pack?

hi , are you talking about sprite size? I see the sizes are roughly the same. or is it question about styles ?

size and styles

maybe I'm more cartoonish. the proportions are slightly different. it's dificult to say ... sorry.

do you make a commission?

Yes of course , send me an e-mail.

Holy crap! This is awesome.

haha  thank a lot :)