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Bounty Hunter animated charecter for a sidescroll/platformer games.

  • Idle : 8 frames
  • Run : 8 frames
  • 2 Combo attack : 14 frames
  • Shoot : 3 frames - Air-Shoot : 3 frames -
  • Croush Shoot : 3 frames - Run shoot : 3 frames
  • Death  : 7 frames-  Fall Death : 3 frames
  • Hurt  : 3 fames  - Air-Hurt  : 3 fames
  • Jump - Fall :  4 - 3 frames
  • Dash : 7 Frames
  • Dash-Attack : 9 frames
  • Edge Grab : 4 frames
  • Edge Climb: 3 frames
  • Crouch : 5 frames
  • WallSlide : 3 frames
  • Ladder : 8 Frames
  • Slide : 4 Frames
  • Roll : 7 Frames

3 different weapons and projectile effects

Sprite dimension:  73x54 px.

                                                                      --  Add on  --

  •  portrait - 56x56
  • Attack 3 hit combo : 13 frames
  •  Double Jump : 6 frames
  •  Bomb Drop : 10 frames
  •  Wall Slide Aim : 3 frames
  •  Wall Slide Shoot : 3 frames
  •  Explosion Effect : 9 frames
  •  Bomb Ignite idle : 3 frames
  •  bomb going to explode : 4 frames

Sprite dimension for add :  89 x 65 px.

You can use this asset for personal and commercial purpose, you can modify this object to your needs. Credit is not required but would be appreciated

You can NOT redistribute or resell it.

Updated 22 days ago
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Tags2D, bounty-hunter, crossbow, Female Protagonist, gun, gunner, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Side Scroller


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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This looks so cool

I was just checking art out on my hard drive the other day :) Thanks for the update!

This character looks really awesome! Thinking about purchasing for a game project. Does the character have an animation for shooting while running? Or does the character have to be stopped, crouched, or jumping?

hello, yes the character can shoot while running. (actually this is not visible on the example video)

(1 edit)

Oh awesome! Thank you so much, the artwork and animations are amazing! I'll definitely be purchasing then :) Do you think your Country Village pack goes well with this character? Or do you have any other tileset recommendations? I'm planning on creating a sidescrolling runner game. Thanks again!

This is absolutely incredible! The animations are fantastic!

I especially loved that you included the Aseprite files. For my project, I separate the weapon attack animations from the character. It was super easy to go into the file to turn off those layers and export the relevant spritesheets.

Well done, sir!

Hey, I purchased the character 3 month ago. Can I use this in the splash of my game?

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of course


Hey Clembod, if you're planning to add new animations can you add a double jump flip animation?

hey! yes sorry I planned to add animations ... when I have the time I will fill this site! but no worries it will happen!

Cool! Here are some ideas:

Crouch walking (with and without guns)

Double jump 

Pushing, pulling, and holding objects

or maybe new skill animations 

I'm working on a new game with these assets now and this character is just amazing! Thank you and have a nice day!

+1 for the double jump animation :) this character is really great!

never mind lol thank you

Hello, first I want to say I appreciate what you do. Thank you. I purchased the bounty hunter but there were no sword sprites. I thought there were because i seen them in the video. thank you kindly

Hey, amazing work. If you have time can you extend the asset? Maybe adding double jump animation (like somersault in the air) or new skill animations etc.

thank you, indeed it's time that I lack, but I planned to add more animations and I note the ideas proposed

All right, I'll be waiting for the animations. Currently, I started to create a metroidvania and this character is the main character of the game :)

Amazing job, I just bought, waiting for updates with new animations (If possible, of course). Love your work man!!!


thank you ! if you have any idea of animation do not hesitate to mention it.

Wallslide shooting would be already perfect, can't think about anything else, everything is awesome!



Please add push object animation.. awesome animations bro..


Thank you . I take note ,I will probably add other animation in an update but for the moment I am on another project.

Wow! Incredible work, as always!


hey !  thank you

Great amount of animations! Thank you!

Amazing work Clembod. I am blown away with every asset pack you put up! Are you planning on making packs similar to this one for the big two characters at the top of your itch page (rock guy and tentacle lady) ?

thank you , Yes it's my next goal it's a boss pack.

Very cool


thank you


Sir; how dare you! This is the coolest ever!

oh thank a lot !!