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Nice job! I really like your character. Perhaps the only issue is that the attack animation seems too "slow" or "heavy". It can become really hard to use it for an action rpg without encountering gameplay issues (although the animation is smooth and nice!)

thanks to you. a possible solution is to delete frame 7 and 11 to make the hit faster. otherwise reduce the frame time.

This looks great! Do you patreon?

thank you very much, not yet for a "patreon" maybe one day!

We want to make it rain and give you money tho :\

noice :3

thank you !

Omg. So awesome! Thanks for your work!

Yeah thanks a lot .

Great job, this character looks wonderful ! I'll be sure to check your page for more of your content in the future.

Nice, thank you.

Looks great!

Thank you !


AMAZiNG!!! I love your work and this character. Could you add some animations like "Wall Slide"? I hope to see more animations of this quality and perhaps more Characters / Enemies.

Your work is really GREAT. Thank you!

Thank you a lot . yes i planned to update and add other free thing. At moment i finish enemys pack.


Really a great job. But please friend, specify the license to use.


Normaly is in folder , ok i will put in this page .

Can I use this in any of my projects?

Sure . You Can see the licence term in folder.

OH man! This is the best female hero I have ever seen in my life! <3

Realy ? Thank you so much

Your art is wonderful! Keep it up!

thank a lot !

Great job, thank you

thank you to !


very cute pixel art, both the character and the landscape.  I will be supporting you if you do more content, enemies, scenarios or more movements in the character even if it becomes paid.  because it's worth it.  :)

really thank you, yes I have some sprites to come!

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