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I used your excellent art for a jam-game.

Thank you so much for providing these assets!

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thank you, I will try your game. keep it up


This is great man, maybe can you make the Walk movement, so this set will be complete.


Hi, I learned using spritesheets with your set, huge thanks :)

Used here :

I participated in a GameJam with your asset and mentioned you in the game credits:

Hi, I recently published my game Light Keeper 2, which uses you asset, check it out.

Hi, I sent you an email already but just in case, do you think there's any chance you can make a masculine version? I've been messing with the sprite to make it male but I'm struggling to do so and have it actually look good. Thanks!

Thanks for this beatiful assets. But I need top and down animations. You already have these ?

thank you .no I don't have assets for top down..

I made a jam game with modifying this asset and using it as my main character but I didn't get this from here (a friend of mine send me) I wanted to give credit so I am really glad that I came across this. Thanks for the asset. Great work!
(Here is a screenshot from my jam game. My teammate turned her to a scientist).

Thanks to you and your teammate! she's classy in science too ! :)

Hey! Thanks for the great asset, love it and going to integrate it in my template project for unreal :) the only comment is about the description here the order of the animations doesn't match the flipbook file, the order I found is:

  • 0  - 5: Idle
  • 6  - 13: Run
  • 14 - 25: 2 Combo attack
  • 26 - 36: Death
  • 37 - 40: Hurt
  • 41 - 43: Jump
  • 44 - 45: UpToFall
  • 46 - 48: Fall
  • 49 - 53: Edge Grab
  • 54 - 59: Edge Idle
  • 60 - 62: WallSlide
  • 63 - 68: Crouch
  • 69 - 75: Dash
  • 76 - 85: Dash-Attack
  • 86 - 90: Slide
  • 91 - 98: Ladder-Grab

Where the frames are counted from 0 (I'm a developer after all :) ) I hope I didn't mixup the edge animations in order!

Cheers, thanks for the asset!


thanks to you,

I actually did not pay attention to the order of the animations .. I will solve the problem thanks to your list thank you again.

Wow this is awesome!

I hope you make more, this really good👍


Thanks to you .

I really want to do more... sometime I'll find the time.

Hey I've spent this week working on your warrior to add her into Stream Avatars! I hope you enjoy my friends love her! looking forward to future characters!

How much do you charge for about 5 new animations?

hey, you have some information here :

 send me an email detailer, and I could evaluate the price and my availability.

Can I please use this for my mobile platformer

Yes of course !


What's the app do you use for this amazing animations? hehe keep it up

hello , i use Aseprite .. and thank you

Nice, Keep it up! hope the better future!

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Beautiful sprites! However they appear to be 69x44, not 64x44 as detailed above.
Anywho, I whipped up a quick and dirty tileset, but had to modify the colors to suit the palette and here she is moving around in all her glory! Can't thank you enough for your sprites - they're simply astounding.


excellent! the color is great I like it a lot.

thanks to you

(I will modify my error, thank you for the info)

Thank you for the beautiful assets! I used this as my protagonist and a few others as enemies in my game

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Hi, I recently finished a project that uses this character of yours as the main character, check out the project if you're interested.

Heyy Clem Can you like make 2 more animations for me for commission please :D 

hey . Send me an email with wath you want .

i sent you an email last night :D

hey I just want you yo know that I used this asset.. yeah... and I modified it.. thank you ama leave now....


yeah ok no problem  , nice to meet you ... me i stay !

I would like to inform you about my personal projects that includes this art of yours.

Here is the link of the project,  feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.

Thank you!

Thanks for the free asset. It's great quality and I used it for one of my games.

Dude, I love your art! can I modify the sprite in order to make her look like a warrior princess?

yeah thank you! sure you can modify as you want.

This is an amazing character set!  Awesome work.

This set was great. Used it for my last game jam, though I had to recolor to fit a theme. Amazing work!

Love the sprite. The overall quality is fantastic! However, would it be possible to commission you to add two more animations?


Thank to you , for commission send me a mail at

Sent. :)

I just used these sprites for a mini game of mine. I modified them a bit to fit my needs and donated some for your hard work.

If you ever feel like giving your feedback on it I would like it.

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Thanks to you.

I tested your game. really cool what you did,modofications are fin, and good ideas to mix up some animation. Well done !

Thank you for all the hard work you've put into this, I was wondering, would it be possible to make a basic walking animation for her.

hello and thank you, I take note but it will not be for now. sorry

I bought it, because you deserve it !

thank you really !!

Hey, wanted to let you know I really appreciate the work. I'm trying to learn coding, not animation, so it was really nice to be able to find some free sprites to use while I learn. She looks amazing!

Thank you , good Luck for your learning .

im completely new to programming but here's what im makin right now lol...

your work is beautiful :3 i wish i could purchase the villain but my mom didnt allow >:(

hi and nice work.
your mom is right , you can find lot of free stuff on this site.
keep it up!


Yeah, listen to your mom, i bought maybe for about 500€ now on itch, and i make games with my own assets =D

You can make the character with front perspective? please.

thanks for the update


Clembod is running things now :3

Awesome animations! Keep up!

Thanks for the update.

Thank you very much! Ladder up and down movements would be perfect...

ok I note :)

Wow, you made it!! Now is all perfect! Thank you very much!! ;)

great,great,great only word great !! thanks , you are a talented artist !

Deleted 252 days ago

masterpiece !! lol thank you

great work, can update the characther with ledge grab and crounch position? please ty

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Thank you !  ok i take note, my next goal is to add animations for this character.

very very ty Clembod !!

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