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the big cultist is too small.... 

Haha I love how the zip is exactly 666 kB. Those cultists are up to something. Awesome asset pack, I have had a little fun combining your mobs :)

it is pure chance!

it's cool to see these characters come alive and take sword strike on his face :)

A great asset. Just buy it.

would love to see a caster and an archer. You are awesome friend. Thanks for all you do!

thank you , yes have project to do a caster, at the moment is only in my mind :)

I wasn't going to buy this particular pack today because I don't need it yet, but when I saw the download is 666kB I couldn't resist!

haha ! i didn't see that ! in any case thank you!

Release some more stuff man! Accumulating some disposable income to buy it. Huge fan.

it is sure i will add more stuff ,not for now but it will come.


I love the animations, but was this intentional? This is the way they were packed.


!? no it is not intentional . thanks for the info i'll fix it right now.


I hope you'll be making more enemies in this style. Would love to see more and buy them if available!


of course it's planned, I will add more !( when i have time ).

hola! tienes pensado hacer más sprites de este estilo? gracias y saludos

Hola ! Si claro

These designs and animations are so good. I have no use for these sprites at the moment but I'm buying them on principle. ;)

ho ! thank you a lot  .

I quite especially liked the art of Assassin Cultist, that's why I bought it.  If it wasn't too much to ask, could you add some extra animations to the female character? xd

Thank a lot ! The female character of this pack or warrior femal ? In all cases i add animations for both.

excellent, by the way you do animations for commission?

of course. just send an email to talk about it.


hello, im using this character to prototype a game. 

Do you think it suits your pack?

hi , are you talking about sprite size? I see the sizes are roughly the same. or is it question about styles ?

size and styles

maybe I'm more cartoonish. the proportions are slightly different. it's dificult to say ... sorry.

do you make a commission?

Yes of course , send me an e-mail.

Holy crap! This is awesome.

haha  thank a lot :)