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can I download and redesign the character then use it in my game?

of course you can

Hey Guys here is my Video game i ve created by using this asset and its ben super perfect awsome 2d platformer story game :) based on real Gladiator SPARTACUS hope you try, have fun and give nice comments 

thank you so much for this great asset dear creator btw 👍

hi thank! i go directly to try your game !

i made this character as boss dude in the end of third episode "Dark Forest" it comes :D 

Thanks you for making this. Used it in a YouTube video

good job ! thank to you :)

how in the fuck did I missed this!! I'll use this and drop some coin soon. Great work.


Too good to be free! It's awesome for a boss!

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I love you man, this is soo amazing. Promise I'll pay you back!

this is really cool do you mind if i use it in my free android game of course you will be credited


The work is so sexy. I'm always rooting for your work.


this is a very good job. Congratulations!!! Do you plan any more characters in this style?

thank you, yes I intend to expand the collection.

I look forward to your new works in this style. And please post them for a fee.

omg , wow

I was waiting for some more art from you since you are very talented! But this..... OMG! AMAZING! I am speachless....

Haha really thank you §